The Paradigm Shift in Energy Storage®

Introducing FastCAP's Ulysses Power Systems for Drilling Applications

​FastCAP Systems is dedicated to providing breakthrough technologies across the energy spectrum, and is excited to introduce its suite of novel power systems for oil, gas and geothermal energy exploration. These systems will enable a step change in the way energy is stored and utilized in drilling operations — allowing for safer, more efficient and less polluting energy exploration. That's good news for our customers, and for the environment.

In my four decades of work in the downhole battery industry, I can’t think of a more exciting new technology than the Ulysses Power Systems. We are talking about downhole storage that is rechargeable, lithium-free and offers 10X the power of primary batteries. The drilling industry has waited for a modern breakthrough in downhole storage. I’m excited to say — the wait is over. — Jim Epstein, Chief Engineer at FastCAP Systems
 Former co-founder and VP of Battery Engineering

Our breakthrough power systems are enabled by FastCAP's proprietary Extreme Environment ultracapacitors (FastCAP EE), which are rechargeable, high-powered and lithium-free storage solutions, engineered to safely and reliably operate at temperatures up to 150°C. FastCAP EE cells, unlike lithium-based primary cells, do not pose a risk of explosion in conditions such as overload, forced overcharge, over voltage, temperature swings, over temperature, shock, vibration, torsion, or when breached, crushed or damaged. Further, they carry no risk of thermal runaway-related explosions. Exciting new FastCAP EE-based solutions for 200°C and 250°C applications are currently under development.

In addition to increased safety, FastCAP's power systems offer benefits and breakthrough performance along the full spectrum of MWD and LWD operations — from efficiency solutions that allow customers to achieve runtime extensions for 8- and 10-cell battery packs of up to 2X, to game-changing systems that enable customers to completely eliminate primary batteries from their MWD and LWD operations.

If you are interested in learning more about our breakthrough downhole power systems, or would like to us to design a custom system to address your specific needs, please contact us.​ 

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