The Paradigm Shift in Energy Storage®

Five World Records. One Cool Technology.

FastCAP's suite of high-performance cells clock in as the world's best across multiple key metrics:

Highest Energy Density Cell18.69 Wh/L (15.66 Wh/kg)

3-10x improvement over commercial ultracaps

Highest Frequency Ultracap6.3V rating
Cut-off frequency of 500Hz

1,000x the cut-off frequency compared to ultracapacitors on the market today, with an energy density 20-50x that of 6.3V electrolytic capacitors

Highest Power Density Cell120.44 kW/L (117.32 kW/kg)

10x improvement over commercial ultracaps

Highest Energy and Power Density(in single cell)
14.93 Wh/L and 41.04 kW/L (13.50 Wh/kg and 37.12 kW/kg)

3.4x energy and 4x power improvement over commercial ultracaps

Highest Operating Temperature UltracapPerforms safely and reliably at 150°C

2x improvement over current ultracaps

All performance metrics above have been third-party validated. Calculations based on the average reported performance of comparably sized ultracapacitor cells available on the market today.

Our Ultracaps

FastCAP Systems uses nanotechnology to improve an energy storage device called an ultracapacitor (ultracap). Our ultracaps are the durable workhorses of the energy storage field, with extremely long life spans and unmatched durability. They recharge in just seconds and can deliver very strong bursts of power — far beyond the power capabilities of traditional batteries and ultracaps on the market today. Importantly, FastCAP's ultracapacitors contain no lithium and carry zero risk of thermal runaway explosions — a stark contrast to volatile lithium-based battery chemistries that are prevalent today. FastCAP's high-performance ultracapacitors stand to make a huge impact in industries and applications where harsh environments are the norm, and safety, reliability and ultra-high performance are essential.

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